Sam has been part of the No Paw’s family since he was about 1 or 2yrs old – he is now a bit over 10! Since day 1, it was apparent the staff at No Paw’s truly loved their 4-legged clients and it was mutual! Sam’s ears perk up when I mention Kelsey’s name. I would not trust my ‘puppy boy’ to anyone else not to mention access to my home. I trust them implicitly. My husband and I travel often and must arrange to board Sam at No Paw’s – boarding sounds so harsh however with No Paw’s, Sam moves in with Mark or Katrina and becomes part of their family – he shares their home- we always say Sam too goes on vacation so we never ever worry about him when we are away. When he does return he is exhausted because of the time he spends at Doggy Day Care – he teaches the young pups how to be good dogs! And what is truly amazing, Sam is a diabetic and has a very regimented/strict schedule – daily feeding 5:30 am and pm – daily injection 6:00 am and pm! So when we travel, the staff follow this schedule to a tee – they are wonderful! As indicated, we wouldn’t trust Sam with anyone else -the staff at No Paw’s are professional, caring, medically qualified and are Sam’s extended family.

Natalie and John


My dog TJ and I started using the services of No Paw’s Too Small a few months after the business opened in 2002. TJ attended daycare and he really enjoyed that because he got to play with his doggie pals all day while his mummy was at work. I was happy because my house was no longer being destroyed by a bored young dog that needed exercise and stimulation during the day. TJ was content and as you all know, a happy dog is a good dog.

He also has been boarded with No Paw’s owners when I went on vacation. The first time was for one week and this year it was for two weeks. I felt confident leaving TJ in their capable hands, knowing that he would be treated as well as if he were at home with me. Actually he had way more fun because he had other dogs to play with.

We have also been using the dog-walking services of No Paw’s for many years. This has been a blessing for those days that I had to work late and did not have to worry about TJ not being able to go outside all day. No Paw’s have always provided coverage for when the regular walker was away and my neighbours have told me how much my dog seems to enjoy going for his walks.

TJ also has attended the Saturday Parent ‘N Pup sessions where he gets some indoor play time at the West Drive facility for a couple of hours. Owners have the opportunity to interact with each other and the dogs while staying warm and dry indoors.

Overall, I am very satisfied with all the services I have used that are offered by No Paw’s Too Small Inc.

Linda Martin


Life saver.


In May 2008, my buddy and house mate, an 11 year old Bouvier Des Flandres, passed away. This big beautiful boy saw me through many life challenges; one of which was a move across county to Ontario when I was offered a promotion at work. At the time, I was recently divorced and I saw this as a great opportunity to start new. When my Bouvier died, I didn’t think I would be able to have another dog because the demands of taking care of, and training a puppy on my own would have been impossible as I am often gone for 11 hours during the day. And then I heard about No Paw’s Too Small and the next thing I knew, I was bringing a beautiful Golden Doodle puppy into my life. As a pet owner that takes caring for her animals very seriously, I want to thank you for the many services you provide that allow me to have an active, on-going life without compromising the needs of “Hudson” my now 15 month old golden doodle and the 2 senior cats I rescued from the Humane Society. From the puppy visits until Hudson had all of his shots; to the daily scheduled walks and then the emergency “Help! I can’t get home, please go let Hudson out” calls; to the Doggy Daycare that Hudson charges into because he loves his play days; to coming in and feeding my cats; the excellent grooming that makes Hudson walk around like he is King of the Castle; THANK YOU!! For the professionalism your team provides but even more importantly the care that you have shown to my pets and me, since September 2008. A company can be set up to care for animals, but if the people aren’t genuinely caring and compassionate about the care they are giving, it will never provide the emotional security I feel with NPTS.

Too often service organizations only hear complaints when something is wrong and I wanted to take the time to share with all of the staff at NPTS, how much I appreciate, trust and rely on the services you provide. We consider you our extended family.

Teresa Hein, Hudson & the Cats (Charlie & Sam)


I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the services provided by No Paw’s Too Small. We have had No Paw’s Too Small care for Miles, our 2 yr old Brittany, since he was about 6 months old, and the service has been outstanding.

Miles goes to daycare just about daily, and he has always been well cared for. He is a very high energy dog, with lots of stamina to boot. When we pick him up, he is always ready to go home to take up his favorite spot on the couch to literally crash for the night.

Our veterinarian has commented on how well his overall health is, and how well behaved he is. I am certain that this due in part to the socialization and exercise that he receives regularly through No Paw’s Too Small.

We have often taken advantage of the grooming services available, and have always been pleased with the service and its obvious convenience. But I would say that what is most important to my family and I, is their tremendous home boarding service.

We lead a very active lifestyle, and business often results in long hours and/or days away from home. I remember taking Miles to a local kennel for the first time, and I just thought, “…this isn’t right, I cannot leave him here overnight, let alone for several days!” His breeder offered home boarding, but they are almost three hours away. So I was ecstatic to find out that No Paw’s also provided home boarding. In addition to Miles being well cared for in a similar fashion to what he is accustomed to at home, the staff has always been extremely accommodating, often having to care for Miles on absolutely last minute notice.

Miles loves No Paw’s Too Small, where he is always treated as if he is one of their own. We again thank them for all they do, and we look forward to a long continued relationship with them. We wish them all of the best and absolutely recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Dave Popowich